TIPS FOR SENDING Cargo to USA from Dubai

Exactly how easy is it to send goods from Dubai to the USA? Maybe, it’s been some time because you saw your cousin Randy out in Oklahoma…and you’re considering sending him some English tea to savor with his buddies on the ranch. Are you able to send anything and everything? That’s what we’re here to find out! My Parcel Delivery offers four various couriers who are able to get your parcel to America, and below we’ve got some top tips to ensure that you get your items to their destination as simply as you possibly can.


The initial step for you to get your CARGO to the USA from Dubai is to look into the items in your parcel that are secure to deliver, so it’s advised you appear at which merchandise is permitted. . Due to their rules regarding items for example food, if you want to treat your American friends to PG Tips and ‘totally awesome British candy’, you’ll likely need to delay until they visit good ol’ Blighty. It’s worth exploring the United States Postal Service page because there are some country-specific restrictions you ought to know of.

Even so, provided that you’re not sending over fresh cream cakes and English tea, you’ll likely end up fine!

2) You Should Definitely Comprehend The TAX/IMPORT RULES FOR YOUR PARCEL’S CONTENTS

All countries have customs limitations, and various rules when receiving items from overseas, and occasionally those things incur extra charges. If you’re just delivering a family group friend a football shirt and a knitted scarf, you’re not gonna need to be worried about any kind of import tax, however, this isn’t the situation for everything you might choose to send in your parcel to America. It’s never a good idea to get on the wrong side of Uncle Sam, so it’s usually worth looking at their customs and border protection site to get an idea of the feasible extra charges and to see if there’s any extra paperwork you need to complete.


To deliver a parcel to the US you need to fill out a pro-forma invoice. This is essential to law and tells US Customs what’s in your parcel. . It’s vital that you fill it out properly, so that it whizzes through customs and gets to its location as soon as possible. Keep in mind, you’ll have to print five copies of the invoice and fix it to the outside of your parcel in an envelope.

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