Are These Toilet Tissue Choices Safe for Your Plumbing?

If you’ve actually discovered yourself in the regrettable position of being without toilet tissue whenever you’ve really got to go, you might have turned to eager searches online to find out if you can find safe choices. It’s frequently extremely hard to examine reality and fiction online nowadays; thankfully, we’ve put together all the details you have to make a knowledgeable choice with regards to toilet tissue choices as well as your plumbing system.


You could have been aware of flushable wipes and ponder whether they’re a secure option to toilet tissue. These may be a great resource if you’re toilet training a youngster or searching for a better clean on your own. Additionally they prove useful if you’re the outdoorsy type – think camping, hiking, or anything else that will get you from your normal toilet features.

These wipes are helpful in a number of circumstances, but it’s never a wise decision to expose them to your plumbing system. The reality is, while flushable wipes will ultimately stop working in your system, they take considerably more than regular toilet paper, which means you could discover on your own with a costly clog if they make their way down your toilet.


While it’s attractive to purge napkins or wipes instead of toss them in the trash bin, it’s greater in the long term to prevent it. There are specific items that should not get through your plumbing system, because they could cause the requirement for expensive plumbing repairs. These things include:

  • Facial tissues
  • Baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, moist wipes, etc.
  • Toilet bowl scrub pads
  • Napkins (paper or cloth), paper towels
  • Dental floss
  • Eggshells, nutshells, and coffee grounds
  • Fats, oils, and greases
  • Hair
  • Sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, or any non-organic material
  • Cotton balls or Q-tips
  • Vitamins, medicines, or other pharmaceuticals
  • Plastic of any kind
  • Diapers (cloth, disposable, and those deemed “flushable”)

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