Professional Video Editing Software

Today’s technology has made it possible for the average consumer to utilize professional video editing software and create a wonderful piece of work. These programs have been designed to allow you to piece together special effects and video footage to create a final published piece of work for the Internet, a DVD, or for your own personal use. You can also go as far as to adding animation and sound effects Find more. As long as you are creative, this software will allow you to portray whatever creative image comes into your mind. Watch out Ron Howard!

Different Types of Professional Video Editing Software

1. Standard video editing – This normally comes with your computer and is included as a basic package. If you didn’t receive this with your computer, you can easily download it online. It is called Windows Movie Maker (for Windows users) and iMovie (for Mac users). Both of these software packages are very similar.

The only thing about basic a video editing packages is that it doesn’t have as many features as your advanced packages and has been known to crash and freeze computers. Installing as well as un-installing this freeware has been claimed a tedious task. In regards to iMovie, there have been mixed reviews about its performance.

2. Advanced video editing – You can purchase Adobe Premiere Pro (can be used for both Windows and Mac computers). Final Cut Pro is also available for only the Mac computer.

Both of these packages range from $800 to $2500. There are mixed reviews for both of these products as well. Depending on your experience level, you may find that they are not as user-friendly.

3. Additional Software – Movie Star 5 and Nero Burning Rom provide you with your own camcorder and digital cameras to get you started with editing.

What are the Available Features?

Depending on what type of software you choose to get, you can create different transitions. Provide your video with special audio and music sound effects. You will be able to split screens and provide various visual effects. It is also possible to customize any of the standard features to fit your needs. Some advanced features include the ability to overlay and video mask.

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